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The Ultimate End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

Going through the process of cleaning a property once the tenancy agreement has expired is the sole responsibility of the tenant. It is also extremely integral to the tenant being able to receive the entirety of their deposit. To ensure that no area or room is missed and to ensure that there are no reasons why a portion of all of their deposit is not refunded to them, a checklist is essential.

An end of tenancy cleaning checklist can also be used by a landlord when the property is being inspected against the initial inventory report. This is to make sure that the previous tenants were able to fulfil their responsibility. This article contains a checklist that covers every area that is critical to getting your deposit back. Let us begin.

It is important always to remember to leave sufficient time to clean the entire rental property. Deciding to skimp on a few additional days of cleaning chores is not worth losing a portion or all of your deposit.



  • The first step would be to handle any dirt and dust that is present. The most efficient means to tackle the bedroom is to clean the rooms from the ceiling to the floor.
  • All cobwebs must be removed from all the corners and ceilings. 
  • Any areas where dust can accumulate like cupboards, shelves and wardrobed must be wiped down.
  • It is also imperative to wipe any accumulated dust and dirt from the top side of doors. 
  • Any picture frames must also be wiped clean of accumulated dust. 
  • Curtain rails are typically forgotten when cleaning up a room. These should be wiped down.
  • It is essential to correctly dust and vacuums the two sides of any blinds and curtains present in the room.
  • Pictures, mirrors and any other items that hang on the wall have to be wiped clean and then polished.
  • The dust from decorations and skirting boards have to be wiped off.
  • The lampshades and light fixtures in the room have to be dusted. 
  • Any metal ornaments in the room should be cleaned and then polished.
  • Any switches present in the room should be wiped and polished.
  • If the wall has any dirty marks on it, it should be removed or repaired where applicable.
  • The extension cords and power sockets in the room have to be carefully cleaned.
  • All mattresses should be thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Laminate and hard floors should be mopped clean.



Mildew and dirt are the most widespread and least tolerable in a bathroom. Showers, baths, tiles and toilets must be thoroughly cleaned as well as polished.

  • Taps, fittings and basins must be cleaned.
  • Any visible stains caused by hard water must be eradicated.
  • If limescale is present, it must be removed.
  • Ensure that soap dispensers are scrubbed and rinsed.
  • Bidets and toilets have to be scrubbed and rinsed.
  • Towel rails and radiators should be thoroughly wiped and polished.
  • Clan the plumbing located there, if it is possible to reach behind the toilet.
  • Any stains and marks present on the shower screens should be removed.
  • Ensure that the bathroom is thoroughly scrubbed of all mildew signs and bath marks.
  • The drains must be clean.
  • Glass surfaces, as well as mirrors,  should be wiped and polished.
  • Metal surfaces, taps and showerheads should be descaled, rinsed and then wiped clean.
  • Any accumulated dirt in the toothbrush area should be scrubbed and rinsed off.
  • The extractor fans should be cleaned and free from dust.
  • All bathroom tiles should be wiped clean.



The kitchen represents a large part of the cleaning job. This is because the kitchen is typically the room that is most used in the house, coupled with the fact that due to its nature, it is heavily susceptible to dirt and numerous germs.

  • All countertops, worktops and areas near the sink should be washed and polished.
  • The inside of cupboards, shelves and drawers should be thoroughly clean.
  • Any excess carrier bags or leftover food should be tossed.
  • The taps should be shined, and sinks should be washed and polished.
  • Any presence of accumulated limescale should be eradicated.
  • The wall tiles should be decreased and then polished.
  • Grouting lines should be cleaned of mould.
  • The inside and outside of any ovens should be cleaned and thoroughly degreased.
  • The stovetops and extractors should be cleaned of grime.
  • The control knobs and cooker rings should be scrubbed of dirt.
  • The microwave should be thoroughly cleaned, both inside and outside.
  • The insides of the freezer and fridge should be cleaned.
  • The washing machine should be cleaned.
  • The dishwasher should be thoroughly cleaned, both inside and out.
  • All appliances should have their exterior cleaned.
  • Garbage should be appropriately disposed of.
  • Window sills should be wiped down, frames, ledges and sills as well.
  • All dirt from woodwork such as door frames, handles, doors, skirting boards and furnishing have to be wiped away.
  • The radiators, if accessible, have to be wiped down.



Rental companies or landlords will notice any furnishings that are dirty on their inspection. This is why you have to carefully, wipe, clean and vacuum all furnishings.

  • Ensure that all countertops, worktops and tables are wiped and polished.
  • Ensure that all marks and fingerprints are removed.
  • Be on the lookout for any visible oil stains.
  • Sofa cushions should be taken outside and hit till the dust is eradicated from them.
  • The sofa should be vacuumed both with and without cushions.
  • All furnishings should be moved to vacuum the floor beneath them.
  • All wooden items should be wiped and polished.



One of the most scrutinised areas of a rental property is the carpet. Cleaning a carpet is an extremely arduous task to undertake, which is why it is always best to hire the services of a carpet cleaning company or a carpet cleaner.

  • The edges of the carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Furniture should be moved to get to the floor beneath.
  • If it is possible, steam clean the carpet.
  • If you don’t have access to a machine carpet cleaner, you can attempt handwashing the stains.



The windows are no exception to an end of tenancy cleaning.

  • Any oily stains, marks and fingerprints must be eradicated.
  • Ensure that the windows are wiped clean and dry to prevent streaks from forming.
  • The windowsills should be properly cleaned.
  • Frames should be wiped down.
  • Curtains, shades and blinds should be dusted off.


Shelves, cupboards and drawers

It is quite common to miss clearing a cupboard or drawer that isn’t used often. Ensure that you inspect every shelf, cabinet and drawer.

  • Clean the insides and outsides of the drawers.
  • Take out any leftover item of unnecessary good.
  • Wipe the inside and outside down.
  • Clean the handles.



Ensure that you have a look at the tenancy agreement, so you can know for sure if you are supposed to leave the refrigerator turned on or off. For the fridge to be cleaned appropriately, it might be necessary for you to turn it off for 24 hours before cleaning so the freezer section can properly defrost.

  • Leftover food, mildew and dirt should be removed.
  • Handles should be polished and wiped.
  • The rubber seal should be cleaned.



The dishwasher

  • Ensure that it is free from soap and food deposits.
  • The filters should be inspected and cleaned.
  • The rubber seal should be wiped clean.
  • The floor beneath it should be wiped and vacuumed.
  • Remove stains and marks that might be visible near the soap dispenser.


The washing machine

  • Ensure that the drum is clean from stains and leftovers scum.
  • The filters in the washing machine should be properly inspected and cleaned.
  • The washing machine should be moved so the floor beneath it and the space behind it can be properly cleaned.
  • The soap dispenser drawer should be properly cleaned.
  • All stains and marks should be properly removed.
  • The rubber seal should be properly cleaned.
  • The handles should be wiped down.


The dryer

  • Both inside and outside of the machine should be cleaned.
  • The rubber seal should be inspected.
  • The filter and catchment area should be inspected and cleaned.

There are also quite a plethora of other smaller cleaning jobs that have to be done before you can receive the entirety of your deposit back. That being said, it is always imperative to remember to:

  • Take out any leftover garbage.
  • Ensure that the rubbish bins are thoroughly rinsed out.
  • Have the extractors and fans degreased.

As a tenant, you must ensure that everything and every room listed on this end of tenancy cleaning checklist is ticked off. It is also essential to have a look at your tenancy agreement to completely understand what you are liable for and how that can affect you getting your full deposit back.

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