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8 Cleaning Mistakes You Have to Stop Making

Making the room neat and tidy by picking up the useless objects and removing dust and other impurities from the environment is the process of cleaning. Various cleaning techniques and methods are being used, such as washing the floors with detergent, wiping and dusting the furniture, bathrooms are cleaned with toilet cleaners, etc. You can only achieve a healthy environment by keeping it clean. It also helps us avoid many infectious diseases. At the time people make a lot of cleaning mistakes, which could be irreplaceable.


The solution to Cleaning Mistakes:

Although some cleaning blunders are irreplaceable but they can be avoided. You may consider yourself a cleaning professional, but you might be making a mistake. Below are some of the cleaning errors you could avoid in the future:



  • Scrubbing Carpet Spills:


 It is not wise to immediately wipe off something you dropped on the carpet. Scrubbing untwists the carpet fibers making the damage permanent.  So instead of rubbing the mark, you should use a paper towel to absorb the spill and then let it dry. After that, use a stain remover to remove the spot.



  • Combining Cleaning Products for a Better Cleaning:


 At times we think that combining cleaning products such as Ammonia, detergent, and bleach would give better cleaning, but it is a mistake. It will not only damage the surface of carpets and laminates, but it can also harm your health.



  • Never Do the  Vacuum First:


All the dirt and dust of the surfaces rest on the floor once to do the dusting after doing the vacuum.  So always Dust the surfaces of the furniture and then do the vacuum, so you don’t have to do the vacuum again.



  • Cleaning Pans with Dishwashing Liquid:


Cast iron pans develop their own layer of grease while cooking, which prevents the food from sticking to the pan.  Using soap removes this layer and damages the pot. Instead, use a paste of baking salt and water after wiping it with a paper towel.



  • Rushing to Wash Tile Cleaner:


When you pour tile cleaner in the washrooms, give it time to dissolve the grime so that you don’t have to scrub much. So never rush to wash the tile cleaner. 



  • Don’t Polish your Furniture every time :


Don’t polish your furniture every time you do the cleaning as modern furniture has a protective topcoat. Using a damp microfiber cloth can clean the furniture very well. If you are using furniture polish, it is advised to use the same company each time.



  • Don’t Spray Directly:


Never ever spray the furniture cleaner directly onto the furniture. It will attract more dust, which will become difficult to remove. Instead, spray the cleaner on the cloth and then wipe the furniture with it.



  • Don’t Use Dry Rag for Dusting:


Although dry rag removes the dust and dirt but at the same time scratch the surfaces of the furniture. A soft duster or a microfiber cloth is best for dusting because it gets hold onto the dust particles.


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