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5 Ways to make Your Home Cleaning Routine a Little Greener


Have you ever been affected by the harsh chemicals most store-bought cleaning products contain? While commercial cleaners are not the healthy way to address chores, green cleaning has a wonderful impact on your well-being. Furthermore, eco-friendly approaches are versatile, which grants you the opportunity to safely clean any nook at your place. If making the cleaning jobs a bit greener is on your agenda, follow these tips for a spotless house without chemicals involved:


  • Go for baking soda – at least half of your commercial cleaners can be replaced by this fabulous natural ingredient. Used as a single cleaning component or mixed with other eco-friendly ingredients, baking soda will make your cleaning routine so much greener. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on your carpet to remove nasty smells trapped in the rug. Mix the ingredient with water to prepare an eco-friendly scrubbing paste and deal with stubborn oven stains. The upholstery, the toilet bowl, as well as the interior of your refrigerator will also benefit from a baking soda treatment.


  • Add some white distilled vinegar – white vinegar is capable of improving your cleaning methods by becoming the ultimate germ killer. Weird as it may sound, you can use white vinegar to deal with nasty odours all well. Similar to baking soda, white vinegar can absorb unpleasant smells and refresh various surfaces like the cutting board. This anti-bacterial eco-friendly ingredient can be used for tackling pet stains on the carpet. And when the time has come for you to wash the windows, mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle to create a natural DIY glass cleaner.


  • Make the most of lemons – lemons are considered an essential part of your healthy diet, yet they can be a healthy addition to your cleaning routine. Slice a lemon in two and dip it in some salt to scrub various surfaces like the copper pot to restore its shine. Just like white vinegar, lemons have a huge anti-bacterial potential, as well as deodorising capacity. Make your own eco-friendly all-surface cleaning solution by peeling off a lemon and soaking the peels in a jar filled with white vinegar. Let the mixture sit like this for a few days and then pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Tackle stains, dirt and nasty smells from the countertop or the interior of the microwave with your natural cleanser.


  • Refresh indoor air – many homeowners choose to add pleasant scents to the air indoors with store-bought air fresheners, but this is not the healthy way to go. Unlike these products, essential oils contain no harmful ingredients, which turns them into the best natural air fresheners you can think of. Take a spraying bottle and fill it with water. Add 10-12 drops of your favourite essential oil to the water and spray the mixture around the house. This way you will enjoy lovely scented air without compromising air quality inside your place. Boil lemon peels or cinnamon and wait for the steam to work its magic as another eco-friendly hack to refresh the air.


  • Purify indoor air – a healthy environment at home requires that you should breathe healthy air. Once you have replaced store-bought air fresheners with natural alternatives, make sure the air indoors is pure. Grow an air purifying plant to not only make your home more beautiful but to also make the air clean. A Spider plant or Aloe Vera are just two of the many plants that cater for improved air quality in your premises. They serve as natural humidifiers, thus having a wonderful impact on your well-being.


With only five simple tricks you can upgrade your typical cleaning routine and make it eco-friendly. Green cleaning is a strategy you should no doubt employ when living a healthy life is your top priority.


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