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Keeping Your Home Clean with a Pet Dog Around


Anyone who shares their home with a pet dog will tell you about the joy and happiness their furry friend brings every day. But what about cleanliness? If there is a single downside of living with a dog, that would be the effort you need to put in, so that your place stays perfectly clean. While this may be true, with the help of some great clearing hacks you will be able to have it all – a lovely pet dog and a squeaky clean home:


  • Get the right vacuum

    A quality vacuum cleaner will make a huge difference at home since you will be dealing with pet hair all the time. Even if your dog doesn’t shed that much, debris always finds its way on its paws and fur, landing on your floors. To keep your place clean, you need to vacuum clean at least two-three times a week, or maybe daily. To simplify the task, invest in a quality vacuum cleaner and replace the filter regularly. If you can afford it, purchase a robot vacuum cleaner you can program to run even if you are not at home.


  • Clean accidents right away

    While your dog pet is still a puppy, you need to be prepared for constant accidents on the floor. Carpeted or not, you should banish those nasty messes as soon as possible before they have turned into permanent stains. Absorb liquids with paper towels and then apply the right cleaning solution, depending on the type of floor you have. Your immediate reaction is crucial, otherwise, stains and unpleasant smells will soak in the floor, causing a bigger problem.


  • Gather emergency supplies

    You can never know when your playful puppy will have an accident on the floor or simply knock a glass of juice from the table, so having cleaning supplies at your disposal is the easiest way to react quickly to the mess. In a handy bucket, store some paper towels, a scrubbing brush, rubber gloves and a cleaning mixture to clean the surface in a flash. Prepare your emergency cleaner in a spray bottle by mixing half water with half of the white distilled vinegar and a little liquid in this soap. This eco-friendly solution can be used as an all-purpose cleaning remedy when you have no time to figure out what kind of stain you are dealing with.


  • Green clean

    Just think about those special areas around the house where your dog loves to spend time – the upholstery or maybe the carpet? Green cleaning the house is always a good idea, but when living with a dog pet, ditching chemical cleaners is a must. Your beloved four-legged friend comes in direct contact with so many surfaces that using toxic products could be dangerous to your dog’s health. Instead, you need to take advantage of eco-friendly cleaning mixtures with natural ingredients. White distilled vinegar is the ultimate remedy when you want to eliminate germs and bacteria from a stained surface. Sprinkle baking soda to absorb unpleasant smells your dog pet might have left on the carpet or the mattress.


  • Keep your dog clean

    One of the best ways to preserve cleanliness at home when living with a dog is to keep your furry friend clean in the first place. Give him or her regular baths using appropriate shampoos to remove dirt from the fur. Trim the nails as often as needed to prevent ugly scratches from appearing on the floor or the furniture. Brush your dog even if it is not the shedding period – the more loose hair you manage to catch, the less of it will end up in the house.


Surely living with a pet dog will make cleaning tasks a bit tougher to handle, but with these smart tips, you will be able to keep your pet-friendly home clean and fresh.


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