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Here Is How to Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner For Longer


Yes, dealing with the long list of cleaning chores contained just within the bathroom is pretty much no one’s cup of tea. Sometimes you will have to do repeat chores if you don’t want the tasks to pile up and overwhelm you. A bathroom is a place you visit daily, which means it is going to get somewhat dirty, and it is up to you to make things better. There is some good news, however, in the form of clever tips that you can employ to keep your bathroom clean for longer. Enjoy!

  1. Be more preventive of moisture

The shower area often gets hard water deposits, soap scum and other unsightly stains because the water is left to sit there for too long. You cannot stop taking showers, obviously, but you can do something else – stop moisture in its tracks. How do you do it? It is rather simple actually. Get a squeegee in the area and wipe down the bathroom walls and doors after each shower you take. The less time moisture has to sit on those areas, the less time you will spend cleaning them in the future.

  1. Consider adding a water repellent

If you wish to go the next step against moisture, you can coat your shower area with some water repellent. A solution like that will prevent not just water from building up, but also minerals and soap scum.

  1. Remove the bar soap from the sink

Instead of bar soap, try using liquid soap at the sink in the bathroom. Any dispenser with a pump will do the job better since it will keep the solution container. Bar soap will often make the area quite messy, especially the countertop around the sink.

  1. Go with towel bars

Towel bars are the way to go when it comes to drying them up nicely. You know that towels have a way to harbour a ton of bacteria, because of the moisture they contain. You don’t want to be spreading bacteria and germs on your face and hands every time you use a towel, do you? Towel bars work well for drying up towels faster. If you lack the wall space, consider placing them on the back of the door.

  1. Switch to long-lasting cleaners

Are you fed up with cleaning solutions that just don’t seem to do the trick? Maybe you should switch for something that works. Long-lasting cleaning products are there; you just have to find them. Another alternative is to try out eco-friendly alternatives, like vinegar and baking soda. You will find them quite effective in large part of bathroom cleaning chores, such as removing the stains on the sink and grout.

  1. Keep some disinfecting wipes under the sink

The sink is perhaps one of the dirtiest items in the bathroom, due to the fact it sees daily use. To remedy this, you can use something as simple as disinfecting wipes. Stash them under the sink and use them from time to time to control the mess.

  1. Used dryer sheets work wonders in the bathroom

Before you dispose of these, consider the fact they have many uses. For instance, you can use them to remove a toothpaste stain, or clear some hair or dust particles from the floor. All without engaging in a lengthy cleaning process.

As you can see, there are a few cleaning tips that can help you keep the bathroom clean for longer and also make the cleaning process easier.

For more of these useful tips, consult with Domestic Cleaners Ltd.

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Home Cleaning Tips For Family Members With Allergies

Regular housecleaning can eliminate several allergy triggers and symptoms. But the process of getting rid of them can be quite tricky. It helps to know the best tips to clean your house and keep your allergies under control.


Create A Cleaning Schedule


Those people who do not check the pollen forecast might be able to get away with not doing their household chores. But if you or anyone in your family have allergies, you need to always be on top of your cleaning so that your home will not be a trigger zone. Allergy sufferers must make it a point to clean throughout the week. You can spread out your household chores so that you only have to do little maintenance every day.


Vacuum Regularly


Brooms spread more dust than what they can actually remove. Therefore, when cleaning your house, it’s better to vacuum than sweep. Take out your vacuum cleaner and all its required attachments at least twice a week so you will be able to clean your floors and all your household furniture. You should also consider using vacuums with filters that can trap small particles of dust, pollen, dander, etc.


Dust Weekly


Among the number one cleaning methods for individuals who suffer from allergies is to dust using a microfiber cloth. Brooms are not recommended because they spread allergens around the house instead of removing them. This can trigger asthma or allergy attack. But if you dust using a microfiber cloth, these tiny particles can be removed.


Wash Bedding Every Week


Your sheets may appear to be harmless but they are covered with dander, pollen, human hair, and even pet hair. It might even have dust mites and other things that you do not want to imagine. It is recommended that you wash your linens at least once a week using a detergent that is gentle and fragrance-free. It is also ideal to have your comforter vacuumed twice a week and your mattress cover at least once a month. If your pets curl up with you every night, then you have to vacuum your bed linens at least twice a week, as well.


Curtains and Blinds


Window treatments collect dust and that is why you need to be mindful of them. You can use your vacuum and its specific attachment to clean your curtains and drapes every month. If your window treatments are machine safe then you can have them laundered. In case you have blinds, you must clean them once a month using a microfiber blind cleaner or a microfiber cloth.


Minimize Bathroom Moisture


It is crucial to keep dampness under control especially when you are cleaning for allergies. When left unchecked, moisture in the bathroom can lead to mold growth and mold spores floating around your house. You have to wipe down the walls and floors using a microfiber cloth every time you take a shower, and you have to leave the doors open when you leave the room so that the bathroom can air out. You should also pull back the shower curtain so that the shower will get some air flow. Also, don’t forget to clean the area behind the toilet every week so you can get rid of any dust or hair that may have collected back there.


Reduce Allergens


Cleaning your home to reduce allergy triggers will be easier with a few preventive steps. Here are some more tips that you might find useful. Remove your shoes at the door and ask other members of your family as well as your guests to remove theirs too. It is also better to get rid of odors naturally instead of using scented candles, cleaners, or even air fresheners. Practice minimalism and get rid of dust collecting clutter inside your house. Lastly, keep your windows closed especially on days with high pollen alerts.


If you or any of your family members suffer from environmental allergies, it can be difficult to bring yourself to open your windows much less stir up dander, dust, pollen, or mold when you are cleaning your home. However, allowing allergens to build up in your house will not do you any favors. Unless you enjoy sneezing and having itchy eyes, then the tips provided earlier will help you get started.


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6 Things You Should toss From Your Bathroom Now


Sometimes you will walk into your bathroom thinking that it is rather cluttered. Chances are, it truly is. Much like every other room of your home, you have to stay on top of cleaning and decluttering it, if you wish it to remain functional and organised. Here is a quick list of things you should purge from the area:

  • Hair products – sometimes you will see a great ad or a video of a new hair product and rush to buy it. Then, as you try it out, you find out that it doesn’t work that well. What you might do is simply store it under the sink for later use … and then forget about it for the next six months. What you should do instead is browse through your collection of such products, decide what you are going to use soon and dispose of the rest. Whether it is by giving it away to someone else or donating, you can free yourself a lot of space by doing such a purge.
  • Medications past their expiry date – when you buy something for your cold, you will probably toss the remaining items back in your medicine cabinet. In doing this, you can clutter the place with expired medications. Not only do they take precious space, but are also a health risk. Go through the medicine cabinet and dispose of anything that is way past expiry date.
  • Bath items – if you have too many bath items that you rarely use, perhaps it is time to dispose of them. They could be the reason why you aren’t getting stuff that is actually useful. Inspect the bath products you currently have in the room and consider which ones you will need and which ones you can dispose of.
  • Toothbrushes – believe it or not, toothbrushes are useful not only for your teeth. You can use them in various cleaning chores around the house. But you can have too much of a good thing. You can keep 2 or 3 of them, and they will not contribute to clutter all that much. However, if you have over 10 toothbrushes, it is perhaps more than you will need.
  • Old shower items – is there an old pumice stone, a dull razor blade, perhaps a crusty sponge? Everything that looks old and dingy has no place in the bathroom. Throwing things out may not seem like the best solution for you, but it is.
  • Travel size items and samples – these can easily build up, especially if you get them on your travels on a frequent basis. Free samples are available everywhere, but you have to remember to use them as soon as possible, or else they become a burden to free space in your bathroom.  

Take your time to check your bathroom for these items and dispose of them if needed. You will free some much-needed space and make cleaning of the place much easier.

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